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The content on this page is no longer relevant due to game updates or whatever, and is kept only because we don't like deleting things.

Cookie Alliance Season 10


  • Team 1 (main damagers): Purple Yam (+Candy), Wildberry, Eclair, Cream Unicorn, Pure Vanilla @ Scroll, Scythe, Watch
  • Team 2 (anti-heal, anti-reflect): Pumpkin Pie, Crunchy Chip, Cotton, Licorice, Vampire @ Scroll, Watch, Pincushion
  • Three more generically good teams


  • Wave 9: Damage-reflecting bug things, don't use glass cannons.
  • Wave 12: The infamous Tainted Ent. Use your anti-heal team, and make sure it doesn't have any glass cannons.
  • Wave 16: Pancake stretches the battle out over a full screen, which looks hilarious

Cookie Alliance Season 11


Note: These teams are not recommendations; this is a scratch pad for what we've currently got and how well it works so far.

  • Team 1 (main damagers): Wildberry, Purple Yam, Eclair, Pure Vanilla, Cream Unicorn @ Scroll, Scythe, Watch
  • Team 2 (anti-heal, anti-shield): Crunchy Chip, Espresso, Pumpkin Pie, Twizzly Gummy, Cotton
  • Team 3: Financier, Caramel Arrow, Captain Caviar, Squid Ink, BTS
  • Team 4: Tea Knight, Raspberry, Latte, Parfait, Tiger Lily,
  • Team 5: Cocoa, Dark Cacao, Clotted Cream, Affogato, Black Pearl


Just throwing team 1 at this and not caring about anything else will get you to wave 24 without issue. Further info TBA

  • Wave 16: Pancake Cookie comically stretches out the battle again
  • Wave 18: Some reflecty bugs again, be careful about glass cannon cookies
  • Wave 21: Mega healing wave

Cookie Alliance Season 12

We didn't do much experimenting on this one oopsie.


  • 7: A bug with a big shield; you'll get locked in a stalemate if you don't bring shield disruption (Twizzly Gummy if you don't have Dark Cacao). On reflection we think they nerfed it partway through the season cause we stopped getting in stalemates at some point. Either that or we hit a threshole in incremental cookie boosts. ~Who knows~

Cookie Alliance Season 13


Team 1: Chosok's Soloing Team

  • Cookies: Schwarzwalder (DMG res), Purple Yam (DMG res), Macaron (Cooldown), Eclair (Cooldown), Carol (DMG res)
  • Treasures: Scroll, Watch, Scythe

From Chosok's team they used to reach wave 60 solo; we don't have quite so much research and junk but it still got to wave 36 for us so that's still an improvement.

Team 4: Team 4

  • Cookies: Dark Choco (DMG res), Milk (DMG res), Macaron (Cooldown), Eclair (Cooldown), Parfait (Cooldown)
  • Treasures: Scroll, Staff, Watch

to be updated

Team 5: Dark Cacao Shieldbreakers

  • Cookies: Dark Cacao (DMG res), Schwarzwälder (Cooldown), Clotted Cream (ATK), Carol (ATK), Rye (ATK)
  • Treasures: Scroll, Staff, Watch

to be updated


  • Wave 23: This'll give you war flashbacks to season 12, but it seems they've been nerfed, cause a Purple Yam team can break through them without losses.
  • Wave 26: Bigass shields on these golems; shieldbreakers not strictly necessary but they speed the wave up by a lot.
  • Wave 30: Snipes your back line; team 4 can get through this without losses but we're not yet sure how it works or could be improved.
  • Wave 31: Inflicts Injury stacks on your lead(s). Team 5 handles this.