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This is a personal wiki for whatever the hell I want.

FAQ (Feasibly Askable Questions)

Q: Can I edit this wiki too?
A: You can edit the CYOA without an account. Other than that, probably not -- if we're friends, like friends, you can ask for an account and we might give you one if we think you have relevant contributions to make.

Q: If I can't make an account, how do I subscribe to all the updates that matter to me?
A: Other than bookmarking Special:RecentChanges, periodically manually checking it, and getting all the things indiscriminately? *shrug* No idea. We'll edit an answer into this space if we think of one.

Q: I have a correction!
A: If you know how to contact us, contact us.

Q: Seriously, you have a wiki subsite but no main site?
A: ... listen. Shut the fuck up. (lighthearted) We'll get around to it.