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Because sometimes I forget we have a steam library of thousands. Games we want to stream specifically get marked with a 🎥 emoji. (We'll stream any of them but some games we particularly want to stream.) (btw speaking of streams check us out on twitch if you wanna 😉)

"Why are these games all redlinked? What on earth do you think you'll have to say about these games?" Dunno but if we ever do we'll have a place to say it!

Currently playing

Touched but not completed

Owned but untouched

("Owned" here includes games we have access to from another person's library. Like my girlfriend, for example!)

Unowned yet

Yes some games on this list are free, but we still don't "own" them until we have them on our computer.

Replayable/Postgame/Remakes/Sandboxes with which we are reasonably familiar