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Rune Factory 5 isn't as good as 4 but it's still pretty good and it's the only one you can be gay in without mods. (4 Special on PC does have a gay mod in three parts, though.)


  • Gaia (x3) recovers the soil's Health up to its base (as determined by its soil level) and adds to its Dmg Resist (gain based on its soil level). Also causes crops harvested that day to give more Runeys instead of orbs.[1]
    • Gaia fragments are easily farmed by tap-catching the monsters in Phoros Woodlands.
  • Ignis (x5) adds +2.0 to the entire field's growth speed. Since the base is 1.0 and the cap is 5.0, 10 will always be enough to max out the field, though it does decay over time.
    • Ignis fragments begin to appear in Kelve Volcanic Region. Be careful if you're farming specifically Ignis fragments to not catch any monsters that you've seen before.
  • Glacies (x1) makes it rain. This is honestly not super useful, between high-charge watering cans and having monsters tend the fields, and seems to exist mainly because they needed five things.
    • Glacies fragments start showing up in Lake Yumima.
  • Ventus (x2) adds to the entire field's No (crop yield) stat. (Amount determined by soil level, but minimum +1) This is a crop stat and will reset when the crop is removed. It caps at +3, so using 6 crystals will always max out your field. According to Anketam on GameFAQs (not tested by us yet), empty farmland will still get the boost and apply it to whatever you plant there next.
    • Ventus fragments are first found ??somewhere??, but can also be easily farmed from a certain spoilery castle.
  • Terra (see below) permanently increases the amount of farmland available on the field (get this one ASAP)
    • Terra fragments are exclusive to a certain spoilery castle.
Terra Crystal Upgrades
Dragon Size Cost Size Cost Size
Earth 12x8 1 14x10 3 16x12
Fire 12x8 3 14x10 5 16x12
Ice 20x8 4 22x10 6 24x12
Wind 8x8 2 10x10 4 12x12
Terra 8x8 2 10x10 4 12x12

According to Moondrag on Discord, the crystal boosts will affect spaces not yet available. This is probably not exploitable but it does at least mean you don't have to worry about saving your crystals til after you've maxed out your field.


Tame for drops

Some sources used for this:

Keep in mind that not every monster drops their item every day.


  • Recruit it for the day with a power-catch
  • Get ten items you want to try giving it (every monster likes at least one of the items it drops, but failing that just about anything has some chance on a non-boss)
  • Brush it fifteen times
  • Save if you wanna be sure
  • Give it the items one at a time until it joins you
    • IF A HEART APPEARS AND TURNS INTO A SKULL: Didn't work, try again.
    • IF A SKULL APPEARS WITH NO HEART: Either all your barns are full, you've failed ten times and this monster will never join you, or you can't use that item to recruit that monster. (Bosses can only be tamed by the handful of items they particularly like, and purely-detrimental items like failed dishes will never work unless the monster happens to like that item.)

"How do I tell if a monster likes an item?" Honestly just look it up, but if you gotta spade it yourself, a tamed monster will react with a heart to liked items (rather than a musical note for neutral ones).

Tameable drops
Monster Produces Location Also produced by Other
Hornet Honey Phoros Woodlands Queen Bee, King Bee
Spider Spider's Thread TBA
Hell Spider Pretty Thread TBA
Master Spider Spider Jaw (spoilery castle)
Silver Wolf Wolf Fang Lake Yumina
Hunter Wolf Gold Wolf Fang Thundering Wastes
Buffamoo Milk Phoros Woodlands Size correlates to friendship
Buffaloo Bull's Horn TBA
Cluckadoodle Egg Phoros Woodlands Size correlates to friendship
Chuckadoodle Black Feather TBA
Chipsqueek Fur (regular) Phoros Woodlands
Flower Blossom Root TBA
Flower Lion Plant Stem TBA Pinkula
Flower Lily Vine TBA
Flower Crystal Strong Vine TBA
Big Muck Spore Phobos Woodlands
Tricky Muck Poison Powder Gadeus Grasslands
Fairy Fairy Dust TBA
High Pixie Fairy Elixir TBA
Wooly Fur (wool) TBA Shmooly, Fleecy Size correlates to friendship
Emperor Penguin Bird's Feather TBA
Boltguin Thunderbird Feather Thundering Wastes
Ribbitee Viscous Liquid TBA
Timidee Lotus Leaf Gadeus Grasslands
Wildcat Quality Fur TBA
Insect Insect Carapace Phoros Woodlands
Firefly Bee Insect Horn TBA
Giant Bug Pretty Carapace Forest of No Return Yes, the Tiny Bug looks more like it should produce this item.
No, it does not actually produce it.
Diamond Bee Dangerous Scissors TBA Why it's called "bee" when it's a beetle is beyond us.

Fight for drops

Some sources used for this:

Every monster can drop a crystal as a catch item, and only as a catch item, so we're not bothering to list them here. You can only get one catch item from each monster, though you can try repeatedly for that one item. Catch items are mildly biased towards the monster's rarer options; the drop rate isn't changed but it rolls from rarest up. Monsters which drop items in the barn also have that item as a catch/defeat drop, so feel free to farm those if you wanna.

Bosses can be tap-caught to steal items, but only after using one or two specific attacks that make them vulnerable - the lock icon in the target circle goes away when they're open. Boss patterns change after they hit a "critical" HP threshold, which is marked with a roaring freakout, aka "turning red" or "pissy boss mode".

Combat drops
Monster Drops Location Also dropped by Other
Mamadoodle Big Bird's Comb Phoros Woodlands (eastmost cliff, north of Bandit King's Old Base) +50% OHKO resistance and needed to craft many useful things.
Siren Melody Bottle Lake Yumina (Frozen Falls) +10% all ailment attacks except faint which is 1%. Good stuff. Requires a high-ass forging/crafting level, though.
Volcanic Dragon Dragon Golem Scale Basara's Hideaway 3F (boss) Used in many endgame crafts. Also worth +300 VIT. Its vulnerable attack is a ground-munching move that it always uses as its second attack in the battle.
Skull Dragon Dragon Bones, Ayngondaia Lawn, Crystal Skull Belpha Ruins: Depths B5 (boss) Yes, that is three unique drops. How come your mom etc. Vulnerable move is a freakout thingy it always uses first after turning red.
Lightning Goblin Lightning Horn Thundering Wastes (throughout) You'll need several of these for late-game equipment crafting.
Medusa Strange Tentacle Thundering Wastes 3F (boss) Used in many things. Vulnerable the moment the fight starts.
Hunter Wolf Gold Wolf Fang Thundering Wastes 1F (the underpass with a lake)
Gemsqueek Double Steel and Tenfold Steel Cloudheim (everywhere, rarely) Drops on hit, not defeat, and has tiny HP. Upgrade a weapon with Scrap Metal+ to farm these.

Tame for other reasons


When do get tier? :c

  • Iron:
  • Bronze:
  • Silver: Gadeus Grasslands
  • Gold:
  • Platinum: Thundering Wastes
  • Orichalcum: Rigbarth Maze
  • Draconic Stone: Rigbarth Maze 17F

Hidden shit the devs apparently expected you to be psychic to find


Hidden tree seeds, requiring a companion or the Foresight Crest to find, are located in two places: (todo: add pics+better directions)

  • Phoros Woodlands in a little clearing with a stump
  • Kelve Volcanic Region in a tree by the hot springs

Each location spawns a seed every ~2 days (there's probably some randomness here). Which seed you find is random, but grape seems the most common, followed by orange, twinkle, and apple in that order. Yes apple seeds are rare as hell, video games are weird, but now you know what to prioritize your wettable powder on.

Crystal flowers

Crystal flowers are found in the Forest of No Return 2F, in a little offshoot area. (todo:: pics+better directions)

One seed can be found per day, and all four seed types can be found in this place regardless of the current season.

Little Tricks

  • Add a magnifying glass to a piece of armor when creating it, or as an upgrade. Boom, permanent hands-free field inspection.
  • Hit rocks and stumps 8 times so you don't destroy them, then change areas and they'll recover to full.