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We're gonna add a short profile to this page every time we mind virus over a character. OCs mostly but probably not exclusively.

For a more complete list (with less information), see the simple list.

Adrien Cortez

Edgy the edge mage (Picrew by Rippilie)

Nonbinary, they/he. An edgy magical guy. The reason respectable anarchists have to respond to the stereotype with "we're not all like that" instead of "none of us are like that". Elise's childhood friend. Empowered by magic by the same alien thingy as her, but joined the villains because reasons.

About Elise Barrett

"I knew her a long time ago, before this whole superpower business... that was a hell of a way to get back in touch, let me tell ya. Her heart's in the right place for sure, but I question if she's got the guts for taking real action."

Akari Hoshi

She/they. Ultimate Cryotechnician. Kaito's sister. Definitely not Merak.

Brendan Ash

Bangin out the tunes~ (Picrew by Rippilie)

Nonbinary; they/them. Ultimate Indie Musician.

Carrot Cake Cookie

Luck, white hair, moral ambiguity... is this Komaeda? (Source Picrew)

A mischievous boy with lop ears. Gets along well with Red Velvet Cookie, unsurprisingly -- they're both part cake. Carrot Cake has a cake cannon where his left arm would be. It's unknown what happened to his original arm.

  • Position: Rear
  • Type: Bomber

Skill: Bunny Bombardment
"Blow 'em all to bits!"
The cookie launches a volley of explosives from his arm cannon, each dealing damage and knockback to enemies in an area centered on the frontmost target. The smell attracts jelly bunnies which get underfoot and reduce the enemies' movement and attack speed.

About Catmint Cookie

"She doesn't seem to care about anything, it's so unsettling! But she's good for when you really need to relax, at least."

About Dark Enchantress Cookie

"She's so weird! But I try to play nice with her for Velvy's sake."

About Herb Cookie

"He's so nice and charming! ... Well, he's got me charmed, at least, hehehe!"

About Red Velvet Cookie

"Cake arm buddies! I could totally deck out his claw arm if he'd just let me. I promise I'd only prank him in non-critical circumstances!"

About Strawberry Crepe Cookie

"Hehe, they're a funny kid. Their Wafflebots are cool as heck too. Bet we could build something cool together!"

Catmint Cookie

Let's take a break and have some tea. (Art by CheddarExuberant)

A perpetually-chill cookie with triangle ears and meow meow. Catmint is never seen without a mug of steaming hot tea, sweetened by purrbee honey.

  • Position: Middle
  • Type: Support

Skill: Purrbee Swarm
"Have some honey, honey!"
Catmint Cookie's relaxed purrs unleash a swarm of bees that seek out and sting all enemies, inflicting damage and stun. The sweet honey the bees make heals all ally cookies and cures one status ailment from them. If an ally has no status ailments, they hold on to the honey for up to 10 seconds, using it either when they suffer an ailment or when that time is up.

About Carrot Cake Cookie

"He's a good kid. (... wait, he's the same age as me?) A tad overexcitable about some topics, but he always calms down after a nice cup of tea."

About Herb Cookie

"A fellow nature lover. I like him."

About Raspberry Cookie

*She blushes.* "... U-um! I just wonder if she'd teach me swordfighting..."

Charis Spiros

Angel wings not pictured. (Picrew by Rippilie)
The precious kity :3 (Art by Montygee)

Trans girl; she/her. Our precious angel catgirl daughter. Mostly-standard humanoid, but with cat ears and angel wings. Completely nonverbal from birth. Grew up in a very trans-unfriendly Standard Renaissance-ish Fantasy Setting. Was later transported irretrievably out of this setting as part of what in retrospect was probably some kind of Faustian bargain that somehow screws over her hometown big time. But fuck ‘em, honestly.

About Silas Ferris

He's like a brother to me. I met him a long time ago in my adventuring. His energetic demeanor balances nicely with my more cool and collected approach. And he's just generally a sweet guy.

Crust Pie Cookie

Crust Pie Cookie, consisting of Pastry Crust (they/them), Graham Crumble (he/him), and Choco Crumble (she/her), is quite the unusual cookie, but they don't let anyone else's opinions stop them! With Graham Crumble taking charge of their social life, Pastry Crust handling emergencies, and Choco Crumble running the day-to-day, they make up a crispy and unbeatable team.

... yes, they're a bit of a shitpost, but they're also an actual character!

  • Position: Front
  • Type: Charge

Skill TBA
Skill quote TBA
Skill description TBA

"Deep Serpent Agent"

"It's Deep Agent Serpent, damn it -" (Picrew by Rippilie)

Nonbinary femboy; they/them. A timeline maintenance agent. ("Time cop?") No, cops are bastards and what DSA is doing is actually respectable. They're also a shitpost that was created primarily to reference this....... thing. But we'll make a proper character out of them quickly enough.

Elise Barrett

Trans girl, she/her. Empowered with magic by an alien thingy that now can speak directly into her brain, uses it to be a hero-type person and help people. Adrien's childhood friend.

About Adrien Cortez

"We used to be close friends, before we got separated... when I saw him again, he'd joined a villainous organization. I don't know what Adrien thinks he's doing, but I won't let him hurt people for anything."

Hallie Mathews

The Ultimate Arsonist. (Picrew by Rippilie)
When the temperature 💦💦 (Picrew by Rippilie)
Art by Knife (hi Knife!)
Sipping coffee in the snow. (Picrew by Taybee)

Gender hoarder; any pronouns. A catfolk who has parental abandonment issues. Ostensibly a Card Force Infection OC, though we don't do much with that. Gets adopted by the Elakhas in at least one AU which we still haven't written anything in, go read an old infodump we gave Kira about it and then go read the AU AU story Kira incorporated that infodump into. Also, has a lot of art.

Hideki Tachibana

The boy in the maid dress (Picrew by Rippilie)
Art by dryicecubes.

Allegedly cis boy; he/him. Got saved from some nasty circumstances and works as a maid now.

Hitomi Elakha

The daughter of the Warrior of Light; she/her. Yes the one from XIV. Also a zombie. But she's medicated so it's fine.

Instant Coffee Cookie

Instant Coffee Cookie

  • Position: Front
  • Type: Defense

Skill: Crystallization
Skill quote TBA
Instant Coffee Cookie's malleable body allows it to receive healing in excess of its Max HP. Upon using the skill, the Cookie dashes behind the enemies, inflicting them with "Daze" and reducing their ATK SPD. When the skill's duration ends, Instant Coffee Cookie dashes back to the party's side, dealing DMG to enemies it passes and restoring the party's HP by donating its own excess HP.

Kaito Hoshi

Genderfluid, any pronouns. Ultimate Pyrotechnican. Akari's sibling. Totally not Dubhe.

Kara Smith

The Ultimate Farmer (Picrew by Rippilie)

Trans girl; she/her. A half-elf from the town of Skiona in the region of Kasmeau, she's at least 45% Rune Factory 5 mind virus by weight despite ostensibly being an entirely original character.

Lester Patel

It's a mad world (Picrew by Rippilie)

Just some guy; he/him or any pronouns. A guy we made for a thing that didn't happen, now he's just our local Komaeda. ... Spoilers!


Dargonfruit cookie (From Cookie Run Oven)

Elcenian dragon lore precludes the possibility of trans dragons, isn't that silly? We'd ignore it but we're not sure what the point would be. Anyway Loren's pronouns are she/her; she's a shapeshifting dragon with resentment.

Neon Bubbles

A funky neon person (literally; she started as the element Neon in an elemental-based killing game) who remembers very little about anything. Energetic and bubbly.

Pandora Lorana

She's fast! And she hates racist nobles! (Art by KungFuCutbug)

A woman who got isekai'd into a fantasy dimension and became a catgirl. Wields a big-ass hammer and has fuck-off levels of physical power. Which helps less than it might, since her first real plan since landing in this world ended up with her having to take care of a pair of twin kids.

Silas Ferris

Gay crimes boy (Picrew by Rippilie)

Genderless catboy; he/him or any pronouns. Lives in a Standard Medieval-ish Fantasy Setting where angels occasionally mark newborn children with unusual traits. Like cat ears. The mark is supposed to indicate that the child has been chosen for a task of great importance, except the angel that marked Silas completely flouted this rule and marked him on a capricious whim. So now they have to improvise.

Thunderbolt system

A system of kids from Paris who got lent the Octopus Miraculous and that turned out to be a disaster.

"Ultimate Yoyo Fighter"

A living doll who loves to do crimes and be hedonist. ... We still need to name her oh no names are so hard i'm cry

Vivi Elakha

Ah yes, the pink smoke, that plot element which totally still exists. (Art by Knife)

The Warrior of Light. Yeah yeah that's technically a canon character but Vivi's also an OC because XIV is like that. She saved all of Eorzea a few times, then an alternate dimension called the First, then the entire universe, and at that point she decided maybe things were safe enough for her to do anything other than saving the world for a bit.

Early in her career she had a brief but passionate romance with a certain arcanist, resulting in the surprise appearance of one teenage daughter some 16 years later.

first character added to this list who isn't in the fangan woot

Wildfire system

Ultimate Cat Cafe Operator. Operators? We're inconsistent on that. Anyway a system of three and they love their kittycats.

Beatrix is the main frontrunner, she's soft and a bit reserved. Jonas pops in sometimes because he's energetic and outgoing. Sasha generally remains in the background because their job is keeping the system safe and (barring completely impossible scenarios like being thrust into killing games, perhaps on multiple consecutive occasions) this doesn't actually require them to act very often.